ZVOX 580 Surround Sound System

The ZVOX 580 is a surround sound system that can be placed on a tabletop or under the T.V stand; it can support a maximum T.V weight of 160 pounds or 72 inch widescreen televisions. It weighs 33 pounds and measures 3 feet in length.

The ZVOX Z-BASE 580 is famous for its PhaseCue Technology which is currently on its 2nd generation. PhaseCue II transforms audio signals by combining the true left and right channel signals with added out-of-phase left and right audio channels in real time and processing it inside the system’s on-board PhaseCue II circuitry. This produces a wide surround sound without using rear speakers and the PhaseCue effect is available in 3 settings. Additionally, PhaseCue II is fused with Infinite Compliance. They are acoustic tubes that connect with every separate speaker to produce a bigger sound.

ZVOX Z-BASE 580 Rear

Setting up the ZVOX Z-BASE 580 can be easily done by plugging the power cord and connecting the single audio cable. There are several input connections located at the back to support digital and analog devices such as stereo mini-jack, DVD player, portable music player, TV, Cable box and PlayStation 3.

The ZVOX 580’s exterior is made of high quality medium-density fiberboard and covered with nice-looking handmade panels from both ends. It has a built-in Class D digital amplifier that consumes less than 10 watts of electricity power and the auto-shutoff feature turns the device into standby mode after you turn off the T.V thus, making it the most energy efficient sound system available on the market.

It comes with five 3.25” main speakers and two 6.5” sub-woofers. The sub-out port allows you to connect other standalone sub-woofers. Note, however, that some of them may not be compatible because of insufficient strong signal from ZVOX 580’s sub-out.

The 10-button remote enables you to set the volume, treble, bass and PhaseCue II. It also indicates whether Mute, Dialog Emphasis and Output Leveling are activated. When Dialog Emphasis is activated, the other sounds are minimized except for voices and the Output leveling enables you to make a loud sound become softer and vice versa.

ZVOX Z-BASE 580 Controller

The ZVOX SoundBase 580 has a learning mode that allows you to use your T.V’s remote to control its basic functions such as power, volume and mute. Furthermore, it can also be programmed to automatically power on whenever you switch on the Television. The maximum volume of 30 is loud enough to fill the whole room and the bass can be adjusted for different types of movies. The audio experience is really excellent with real surround sounds that come from all directions.

All in all, if you’re searching for a good quality sound for your bedroom or living room, the ZVOX SoundBase 580 will be able to live up to your expectatives.

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