Yamaha RX-V475: A feature packed AV Receiver

Planning to get a new AV Receiver?

If you’re planning to upgrade from your old home theater system, your best option would be to upgrade your receiver first. The problem you might then encounter is that there are simply too many receivers out in the market right now. It’s getting harder to choose which one you’ll get because a lot of them are now incredibly affordable. You’ll have to be wary though because more often than not the price is an indicator of quality. Of course, there are exceptions to this and these are usually from established companies like Onkyo or Yamaha. Actually, the latter company has undoubtedly the best offerings in the budget or entry level range.

Why you can never go wrong with Yamaha

Yamaha has been in the business longer than most of its rivals and it has a good grasp of what people want in their home theater solutions. They always strive to keep the designs of their AV or home theater receivers as simple as possible while not compromising on both quality and performance. Aside from that they’ve shown a willingness to change with the times and adapt new technology to better their customers’ experience with their products. There’s literally no way that you would not like their offerings especially the RX-V475, a 5.1 Channel Network AV receiver that you should definitely have for your home.

Yamaha RX-V475 Front

The RX-V475 is a powerhouse

The Yamaha RX-V475 supports an extensive number of formats. Whether it’s Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio, this receiver will have no problem with these either way. You’re also pretty much set for the future with this receiver because it’s capable of acting as an Ultra-HD Pass-through. Of course, it has a plethora of connectivity options that are par for the course for receivers nowadays. Aside from the fact that you can connect this receiver to your pc to access to your music or video files, this also supports Airplay. You’ll be able to wireless stream your music from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch that also has the feature.

Solid performance is to be expected but there are exceptions

General reviews of the Yamaha RX-V475 on the internet are actually quite favorable. There are still people though who have differing opinions about it though. The most common gripe is usually with regard to compatibility with other devices. This isn’t something to be worried about though. There will always be a couple of devices which would have difficulty working with each other and a call to technical support or a search on Google should resolve these issues easily. Overall, you won’t find another home theater receiver that can perform as solidly as the RX-V475 does.

A great investment for your home

Should you invest in the Yamaha RX-V475? Definitely! It might not be the most advanced RX-V receiver from Yamaha but it undoubtedly has the best bang for your buck. Sure you can opt for the RX-V575 or RX-V675 for their better technical specifications but you’ll also have to be ready to shell out extra cash for these. The RX-V475 will suffice for your needs and then some for a fraction of the price. You could say that it is currently the best value in audio-video or home theater receivers in the market.

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