Onkyo HT-S3500: The Home Theater Speakers Your Home Needs

What to look for in a home theater speaker

It’s pretty hard to find the right home theater system nowadays. Do you want to know why? That’s because there are plenty of options from different manufacturers for you to choose from. For this reason, you can’t just choose one from among these and expect that it will work right off the bat. You’ll need to take into account your budget and the set of equipment you currently have before you install that new home theater speakers. You’ll have to remember that not all expensive home theater speakers can provide you with quality sound. Additionally, not all affordable home theater speakers can be considered pushovers when it comes to quality sound output.

Options for you to choose from

Of course, if you’re not sure about these things your best bet would be an entry level system. This narrows down your options to either Onkyo or Yamaha both of which are really good in terms of performance. Both brands are also known for the quality of their products. By buying from either manufacturer, you can be sure that your home theater receiver/speaker system will last you for years. However, if you plan to buy entry level products, you need to remember that they probably have limitations in terms of their features. It’s seldom that you see an entry level home theater speaker with as varied a feature set as the Onkyo HT-S3500.

Onkyo HT-S3500 Back

Why the Onkyo HT-S3500 is a great choice

If you have a small or medium sized room, the Onkyo HT-S3500 is the best home theater speaker/receiver to have. In terms of connectivity, it has a whopping for HDMI inputs which means that you can connect as many HD capable devices to the system without a problem. From Blu-ray players to HD 1080p LCD or LED television sets, you’re not going to have a hard time setting them up to work with this home theater receiver. You can also plug in your iPod or iPhone to one of its USB ports and have your playlist blasting over the whole room in no time at all.

It has its limitations

For all its features, the Onkyo HT-S3500 is not without its limitations. First of all you can expect to have a hard time setting up the speakers on the accompanying mounts. Additionally, unlike newer home theater receivers, this does not have the option to work wirelessly with your Wifi or Bluetooth enabled devices. Hence you’ll need to have your iPhone connected to it all the time if you want to relax and listen to your jazz or alternative rock playlist. There have been complaints that it is hard to update but these are completely isolated issues and usually have more to do with human error more than anything else.

Time for you to pick one up

Limitations aside, the HT-S3500 from Onkyo is a home theater receiver/speaker system that gets the job done. If you want an alternative there’s also the Yamaha YHT-497 which like the HT-S3500 is a 5.1-Channel home theater receiver/speaker system. However, you might want to know that it actually costs more while offering the same level of performance and quality as the Onkyo. In reality, either of these two are great deals but the Onkyo wins out due to its affordable pricing and the generally favorable feedback that users have of it.

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