Alpine INE-W940

The Alpine INE-W940 6.1″ Bluetooth USB MP3 Multimedia DVD/GPS Receiver is one of the highly rated navigation systems for cars that was introduced in the third quarter of 2013. It gathered a following last year and it’s still one of the best GPS plus car entertainment systems today.

Out of the Box

The out of the box experience for this Alpine receiver is pretty good. They send out every piece of equipment in the package. That includes all the plugs that go into your car system as well as a USB cord and other wires that users will need to plug their devices. Instructions also come in the package.

Basic Features to Expect

The Alpine INE-W940 includes some of the most common features that car owners should expect from a piece of car electronics such as this. It includes a 6.1 inch touch screen with an AM/FM tuner. It also comes with its own CD/DVD receiver.

This is a car stereo with bluetooth so it has a built-in Bluetooth receiver which will come in handy when streaming your audio and to make hands-free calls. Another big plus factor is its audio capability; it’s outfitted with an 18 watt RMS CEA-2006 for its internal amplifier. So expect great sound quality to come out of this Alpine car stereo.

Connectivity Features and Issues

Navigation systems for cars usually come with a host of ports or connectivity options. The connection options for the Alpine INE-W940 can be both a downside and a plus side for this device depending on how you see it.

It actually has limited connection options, which may make it look primitive. Looking on the bright side however, the connections it makes available allow users to make use of the more popular devices available today, which makes things a lot simpler since you don’t have too many ports and jacks to deal with.

Android and Blackberry devices connect to the unit via Bluetooth while your iPhone connects via USB. As an added option, customers can purchase a KCU-461iV cable so that they can get full access to the audio and video content stored on their iPhone. Note that the KCU-461iV cable is sold separately.

Alpine receiver INE-W940 out the box

Entertainment Features

Competing brands and models of car radios with GPS pack some great features, which this Alpine unit tries to catch up to. The unit works very well with the SXV200 SiriusXM, which is a big plus for people who love satellite radio.

Of course this car stereo with GPS can play DVD’s and CD’s. You can also plug in a USB memory device and play the audio or video stored in it. Another plus side for this unit is its Time Correction feature. All in all, the unit itself makes great sound reproduction via its 24-bit digital-to-analog receivers.

Steering Wheel Controls

There are customers who want to keep their controls on the steering wheels. The Alpine INE-W940 retains this convenient feature. You can connect an adapter then get the unit programmed to work with your car’s system.

Alpine car stereos INE-W940


Alpine car audio systems are well-made but they’re not perfect. Even the INE-W940 has a few drawbacks. For instance, it only fits four inch dash openings. To make it fit into different configurations, customers are required use an adaptor, which represents an added cost.

Another minor downside is that it takes a few seconds to load GPS data. It’s a little bit slower on start-up when compared to some of the competing devices out there. But when it’s all loaded, the unit works quite well.

One last drawback is the fact that it doesn’t come with a video output. You can’t plug in a larger screen if you want to watch video on a larger screen. Of course, this part is a matter of personal preference. Given all that, the Alpine INE-W940 is one of the best car audio GPS systems in its price range.

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