SwissGear SA1923 ScanSmart Backpack

A lot of people have heard about the brand called Swiss Gear and the reason for their popularity is the fact that this company makes great quality items and has a huge number of highly satisfied customers all around the world.

A few years ago, they created the SwissGear SA1923 ScanSmart backpack, and even now, it is one of the best quality backpacks available in the market. Today we will present a SwissGear SA1923 ScanSmart backpack review with the hope to enlighten you on how good it is.

Backpack expectations and fulfilments

I myself got this backpack back in 2011 and I’ve been using it extensively for travel, and I even use it as book bag. I have to admit that at first I was not so sure about this purchase because it was a bit more expensive than the regular backpacks I buy, but now I believe that it was a really wise investment. This SwissGear computer backpack is not only spacious, comfortable and convenient but also in great shape even after two years of heavy use.

What I love the most about the SwissGear SA1923 ScanSmart backpack is the fact that it has a lot of compartments so it is really easy to keep all my items separate. For anyone who travels a lot, this is really helpful when you go on a trip because you will find things like your passport or your airplane ticket in a matter of seconds.

Well-thought backpack pouches

Another great thing about this SwissGear ScanSmart laptop backpack is the fact that it has specially designed pockets for audio and media devices. This makes reaching your mp3 player extremely easy. Even better, this backpack has special compartments for your CDs, pens and pencils, telephone and, my personal favorite, a key holder. Basically, this backpack makes you keep all your things in the right place, even if you are not a very tidy person. This feature is really great because you have easy access to everything you need.

SwissGear SA1923 ScanSmart back pack pockets

SwissGear SA1923 backpack offers a great amount of pockets to take all the things you need, with ease.


Suitable for your travel needs

This SwissGear ScanSmart backpack was especially made for travel, so it is no wonder that it also has a bottle holder on the side and even a special holder for eyeglasses or sunglasses. These holders are placed strategically so you do not even have to take the backpack off in order to reach them.

The ScanSmart system

However, the best feature of this backpack, like the name suggests, is the scan smart system. This means that you have a special compartment for your laptop that has a unique laptop window. This window allows the scanning system at any airport to see the laptop so you don’t have to take it out every time you reach a check point. It’s very convenient for people who always travel with their laptops.

With traveling in mind, the company created soft shoulder straps, and as a girl who doesn’t like to carry heavy backpack, I love how comfortable this backpack feels.

SwissGear SA1923 ScanSmart backpack material quality

SwissGear SA1923 backpack offers a durable and high-quality material

Backpack quality

Like all other SwissGear merchandise, the SwissGear SA1923 ScanSmart backpack is made from durable and waterproof material with the highest quality manufacturing.

All in all, if you want a useful, durable, easy to access and safe backpack, I would highly recommend the SwissGear SA1923 ScanSmart backpack.

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  • Sorie

    An awesome backpack!! Recommended to all!